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Contactless Elevated Body Temperature Screening - the only way to get it right

Not all contactless fever scanners are created equal! Learn why proper measurement is crucial and how the Kentix SmartXcan offers reliable, accurate temperature screening at an affordable price. Re...
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People Counting, Early Fire & Carbon Monoxide Detection, and Ensuring Air Quality / Low Aerosols Level - all with the Kentix MultiSensor-TI

The Kentix MultiSensor TI is a device that can count people, monitor air quality, and detect aerosols. It uses a thermal imaging sensor for reliable people counting even in low light conditions. Th...
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Why Kentix Thermal Radiometry Sensors are Valuable to Pre-Screening and Reducing the Risk of Contagion

 Read more about Why Kentix Thermal Radiometry Sensors are Valuable to Pre-Screening and Reducing the Risk of Contagion
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Resources for Working Remotely with PBXact

Sangoma offers a variety of work-from-home (WFH) communication solutions for PBXact users, including Zulu UC Desktop Softphone, User Control Panel (UCP), and the ability to use existing desk phones...
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Kentix SmartXcan Stands

In many settings a stand is better than a wall mount solution. We now offer a very elegant US made custom stand designed to Kentix specs and built of power coated steel. This stand is solid and wil...
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Kentix SmartXcan - Need to Know

The Kentix SmartXcan is a popular device for scanning people's temperatures. This article addresses common mistakes users make when setting up and using the SmartXcan. Here are some key points for ...
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Master Kentix Products: Comprehensive Certification Training Available

Become a certified Kentix partner & get trained on the entire product line, including SmartXcan access control. Enjoy 5% off + priority access to new products & incentives. Learn more &...
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360 Smart Building Security for Pros

Imagine you're going to work and your most important tool doesn't work, or worse...it got hot and caused a fire which burned down your office building! Wouldn't it have been nice to prevent this fr...
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Kentix SmartXcan - Fever Screening Reinvented

The Kentix SmartXcan is a new device that scans people's temperatures to help identify potential infections. It's faster and more accurate than thermal cameras and can't be easily tricked. It integ...
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Look for ISO 27001 Certification – The Gold Standard in Data Processing, IT & Communications

Kentix MultiSensor: ISO 27001 Certified for End-to-End Data Security (189 characters) Kentix MultiSensor protects data centers & critical IT with ISO 27001 certified environmental monitoring....
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