IP Technology Distribution

An Introduction to the Phybridge Concept

  The PoLRE data switch innovation delivers Ethernet and PoE over a single pair of existing voice CAT3 wiring. Businesses can choose which LAN topology best suits their business and technology requ...
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The Phybridge PoLRE Switch

Transform your existing, proven reliable voice wiring infrastructure into an IP path ideal for IP Telephony complementing and extending your existing data LAN with the PoLRE Switch from Phybridge. ...
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Challenged by the problem of running VoIP over your LAN?

      Are you hesitating to migrate to IP phones because:  You just installed a new IP PBX? You have a LAN already, and you’re worried about upgrading it? Installation of IP PBX and IP Phones wi...
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Phybridge UniPhyer - Introducing IP over twisted pair -a compelling Value Proposition

You probably have heard this story several times: “Customer agrees with the strategic value of IP and wanted to move on but had traditional phone or coax cabling and LAN infrastructure. Their data ...
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