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Fiber Optics networks to become mainstream for Enterprises

Fiber Optics (FO) is the primary media for data transport used by the largest carriers in the world. There are many advantages of this technology but the most important ones are its Immunity to Ele...
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Dubai Airport expands using Microsens networking technology

Energy-efficient, high-performance network using fiber optic hybrid technology provides  fast data transfer in a new terminal for the Airbus 360 Read more about Dubai Airport expands using Micros...
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Discover the Advantages of Microsens Fibre Optic Switches in Healtcare

MICROSENS’ Fiber To The Office provides specialists and health care workers with reliable patient data delivery using maximum bandwidth. In regard to the high requirements for EMC stability of hosp...
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Fiber Optic Solutions for Hospitals FTTD

Increasing health costs and reduced benefits are cutting into hospital and clinic's budgets all the time. Mounting pressure to keep costs down leaves institutions with less and less financial flexi...
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Microsens Considering to Upgrade to Fibre?

Why its time to consider upgrading some of your customers to fibre. Industry Experts are starting to think that to extend Fiber from the backbone to the office is beginning to make sense. Historica...
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