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Fiber Optics networks to become mainstream for Enterprises

Fiber Optics (FO) is the primary media for data transport used by the largest carriers in the world. There are many advantages of this technology but the most important ones are its Immunity to Electromagnetic Interference and Low Attenuation enabling FO to carry more data ( higher bandwitdh ) over long distances. In addition to that, the increase of copper prices in recent years has made Fiber Optics a very price attractive alternative for shorter runs too. FO Cables are thin, light and cheap.

We have experienced a lot of growth around Fiber Solutions for last mile connectivity not only among carriers but also in Enterprises and vertical industries. Fiber To The x ( FTTx) is used very frequently in which "x" could represent office, desk, curb, building, home, control room, substation, etc.


ABPTech recently showcased Fiber Optics solutions from Microsens at ITExpo tradeshow and coined the term Fiber to the Booth.

FO technologies continue evolving to provide more speed and flexibility. Advances in Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) expand the Fiber capacity by differentiating and multiplexing several light wavelenght ( light colors) allowing the transport of dozens of channels of up to 10Gbps in the same physical Fiber. Newest Fiber Interfaces reach 100Gbps. This technology favors mostly carriers and datacenters.

On the other hand, Passive Optic Network (PON) and Fiber Enabled Microswitches permit Fiber Deployment within the enterprise or campus. Fiber Optics distributed network is taking over conventional structured cabling. The longer distances, high throughput and smaller, light Fiber cables make it possible to reduce to a minimum the number of dedicated wiring room/closets throughout the buildings bringing maintenance, real state, cooling and energy costs down. 


Microsens is partnering with ABPTech to market and engineer Fiber Optic networking solutions in the Americas. Microsens, started in 1993, is a German manufacturer specialized in fiber optic solutions. Its products are developed and manufactured in Germany to ensure top hardware and software quality.

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