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Follow the Trend of Managed Routers

Any guess on how many Ring, Nest or Alexa devices are in operation now? For sure millions. This growth would have been impossible without central cloud services that register and control such devic...
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DrayTek's 2952 Series Has the Oomph You're Looking for in a Router

Many IT and networking professionals, that loved DrayTek’s 2925 and 2926 uncompared feature set, want to deploy them in bigger/enterprise networks but are afraid of not having enough “oomph” for th...
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Introducing DrayTek's New WebSmart Network Switches

DrayTek's new WebSmart Series switches integrate seamlessly with DrayTek routers and access points. This smooth integration ensures plug-and-play deployment and centralized management across your n...
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Introducing DrayTek's new 2926 series Dual WAN routers

DrayTek's new 2926 series routers are finally here and all set to replace our popular 2925 series with even better performance, a rich feature set perfect for SMB installations and Gigabit WiFi thr...
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Presentamos los nuevos Routers WAN Dual de la serie 2926 de DrayTek

Los nuevos enrutadores de la serie 2926 de DrayTek finalmente están aquí y listos para reemplazar nuestra popular serie 2925 con un rendimiento aún mejor, un completo conjunto de características, p...
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Protect your WiFi devices from the WPA2 KRACK vulnerability

The Key Reinstallation Attack or KRACK has been in the news a lot since the vulnerability was made public by researchers in October. The current industry accepted security protocol for WiFi access,...
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How to Protect Your Business in the Evolving Cyber Threat Landscape with DrayTek

With cyberattacks like WannaCry and NotPetya barely in the rearview mirror, everyone has a heightened awareness of security and possible impending scares. But how much security is really enough? Th...
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Integrated Network Management and Monitoring Solutions

Going to a customer site to fix a problem is expensive, slow and most of the time, not what you really want to do. On the other hand network security issues, equipment upgrades or topology changes ...
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2016 - Year in Review

Greetings from Dallas, Texas! As we gear up for the holiday season, it's time to bring you some important updates from the DrayTek world. At the beginning of the year, I shared DrayTek's roadmap fo...
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Great Surveillance Starts with a Great Network

I bet you never thought you would want to have control over your customer's router!  Now-a-days it's critical for you as the integrator to either work very close with a company's IT team, or in man...
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