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Network Segmentation 101: Isolate Untrusted Devices & Boost Security with DrayTek

Cheap & easy-to-use IoT devices fill our homes & offices, but they can be security risks. Learn how VLANs & DrayTek routers can isolate these devices & protect your network. Read mo...
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VPNs in a World of Everything Remote. Managing Devices & Remote Services

This guide explores secure remote access solutions for SMBs. It explains why port forwarding is risky and highlights VPNs & LAN-to-LAN VPNs as secure alternatives. DrayTek routers are recommend...
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Improved Wireless and Mesh Solutions Available Now for SMBs

DrayTek Unveils Advanced WiFi Solutions with Enterprise Features New DrayTek WiFi solutions offer advanced enterprise features including state-of-the-art dual Band 11ac Wave 2 chipset. With the sam...
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Remote Management for your POE Switches and other Layer2 Functionality in the Cloud

DrayTek cloud-managed switches offer remote access and configuration from anywhere. Gain full control over switch settings, monitor network health, and see all connected devices with IPTechView. Le...
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Don't Neglect Your Network's Weakest Link: Securing Your Layer 2 with DrayTek

https://www.draytek.com/products/routers/LAN security threats can bypass firewalls. DrayTek switches offer Layer 2 features like Port Security & IP Source Guard to protect your network from int...
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Follow the Trend of Managed Routers

This article discusses the rise of cloud-based management platforms for network devices. It highlights the limitations of traditional methods (spreadsheets) and the importance of remote management ...
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DrayTek's 2952 Series Has the Oomph You're Looking for in a Router

Many IT and networking professionals, that loved DrayTek’s 2925 and 2926 uncompared feature set, want to deploy them in bigger/enterprise networks but are afraid of not having enough “oomph” for th...
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Introducing DrayTek's New WebSmart Network Switches

DrayTek's new WebSmart Series switches integrate seamlessly with DrayTek routers and access points. This smooth integration ensures plug-and-play deployment and centralized management across your n...
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Introducing DrayTek's new 2926 series Dual WAN routers

DrayTek's new 2926 series routers are finally here and all set to replace our popular 2925 series with even better performance, a rich feature set perfect for SMB installations and Gigabit WiFi thr...
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Presentamos los nuevos Routers WAN Dual de la serie 2926 de DrayTek

Los nuevos enrutadores de la serie 2926 de DrayTek finalmente están aquí y listos para reemplazar nuestra popular serie 2925 con un rendimiento aún mejor, un completo conjunto de características, p...
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