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Beyond SNMP for smarter Network Management with Draytek

Centralized multi-site network management is not only for large ISPs anymore. Draytek makes powerful network management tools available to Small Managed Service Providers and Value Added Resellers....
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Don’t settle for less, Today’s Routers are more Intelligent and Affordable

Convenience, cost and features are making Cloud services widespread. As a consequence, the importance of having resilient Internet connection is higher than ever. SMBs and Enterprises need boxes th...
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Draytek attracted lots of attention at ITEXPO 2012

It is always fun to spend few days in Miami Beach. Like every year, ABPTECH exhibited at ITEXPO 2012. We got to enjoy Miami’s good food, weather and culture. ITEXPO is always a great venue to recon...
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ABPTech and Draytek at Las Vegas CES 2012

A couple weeks ago I spent 5 days at CES (Consumer electronics Show) in Las Vegas where more than 2000 worldwide companies presented the “next new thing” that ranged from OLED TVs to electric cars....
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Adding VoIP and other Cloud services? Get your network ready

Think twice when implementing VoIP and other Cloud Services, you don't want to find yourself in this situation: Do not put all eggs in one basket, install a dual Wan capable router. Read more about...
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Configuring VLANs in Draytek 2920n and 3200

Draytek Vigor 2920n comes with 4 ports in the LAN, those ports are not just a plain switch, they can be configured to run independent networks. Draytek can function as a 4 ports router in the LAN s...
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DrayTek 2920 Automatic WAN Failover Configuration

DrayTek Dual WAN routers such us the Vigor2920 have two Ethernet WAN Interfaces. The Dual WAN Ports allow you to connect to two separate network connections for automatic fail over and load balance...
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Bandwidth Management with Draytek routers

Most Draytek routers can be configured to limit bandwidth utilization by a specific Ip address or range of addresses. Draytek can selectively reduce the connection speed. It is also possible to def...
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Draytek configuration to preserve VoIP calls quality

When using Sip trunking, hosted PBX or remote extensions, companies  need a router that not only can give VoIP priority over other non-real time traffic but also can slow down other connections to ...
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Draytek: The perfect router for SME/SoHo

It is not surprise finding out that latest trends show that Businesses are quickly adopting cloud services as their advantages are being recognized more and more. Services running in the cloud suc...
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