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New Android Beta with Optimized Audio and Improved Chat

A new Beta of the Android app is now available for your testing. This release includes an updated chat view for improved user experience as well as audio and connectivity optimizations for better v...
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New iO Beta: Call Reconnection & Conference Scheduling

In this update, we’re making it even easier to schedule a conference from the iOS app! In seconds you can create a conference, add participants, and add the event to your device’s calendar from the...
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iOS & Android Video Conferencing Apps Get Bluetooth Support (Beta)

We’ve gone ahead and improved the user experience and usability of the video conferencing apps further. The login UI is now cleaner, sleeker and more understandable. We’ve also included new feature...
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3CX Live Chat Update Supports Drupal, Joomla, Wix & More!

Live chat has had a major upgrade and is now available for easy integration with even more websites. We’ve also included a number of performance enhancements, customizable themes and support for of...
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Forum Now Requires Partner/Customer Account

We’ve made an important change to the way partners and customers can contribute to our forums. In order to post, you must login using your partner / customer account. It is no longer possible to us...
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3CX Version 16 is out now!

3CX Version 16 is out now! Many highly requested features throughout the years have been implemented (or are in the process of being added).Read more about 3CX Version 16 is out now!
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Centralizing Your 3CX Management

ABP is taking the PBX management to a whole new level for our 3CX partners. We are pleased to present you with our IPTechView™, a state of the art MSP tool for the 3CX partner base. This tool will ...
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3CX Q1 News and Updates - with Information on the New Service Pack Release for V15.5

Service pack (SP) 3 for 3CX v15.5 is available. One of the main highlights of SP3 is the improved conference setup & scheduling options. But several other additions have been added to the SP3 A...
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3CX's New SP1 for V15.5 is Loaded With Features You Want

3CX V15.5 Service Pack 1 (SP1) is loaded with some cool new features (some of which have been requested by the 3CX community for quite some time). Our ABP team is especially impressed with some of ...
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3CX's New Linux Version

3CX has long been a mainstay in the Microsoft community. Integrators, in many cases also Microsoft partners, as well as MSPs have been installing 3CX on new or existing Windows infrastructure for t...
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