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Quanta 5 - Prêt-à-porter Solution from InfiNet Wireless

A couple of weeks ago, I was part of one of the hundreds of attendees of (first-of-its-kind) Infinet Wireless Online Conference, which featured their latest product developments and road map. In a ...
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InfiLINK XG 1000: The Latest Generation of the Successful InfiLINK XG Product Family

InfiLINK XG 1000 is a high-speed wireless solution for point-to-point connections. It offers speeds up to 1 Gbps over 5 GHz bands and can reach distances exceeding 60 km. It's ideal for backhauling...
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InfiNet Wireless Introducing New SDR Technology - Quanta 5

InfiNet Quanta 5 is a high-performance point-to-point wireless solution with SDR technology. It offers faster speeds, better efficiency, and more rugged build quality compared to Ubiquiti products....
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Quanta 5 the new Infinet solution designed to offer greater spectral efficiency

Infinet presented at GITEX Technology Week, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the new Quanta 5 Solution. A platform based on the latest 'Software Defined Radios' (SDR) technology, which has a considerab...
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Welcome to the Wireless City

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InfiNet: Wireless Systems for Even the Harshest Environments

What solution do you turn to if you need a wireless solution in a less-than-ideal environment? Mobile operators work in a world of stiff competition, with declining revenues. It's a dog-eat-dog wor...
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Why is InfiNet Your Best Choice for Smart City Projects?

The evolution of Smart Cities across the world is at an all-time high and a reality in urban cities with rapid population growth. With the goal of creating a better quality of life, a Smart City pr...
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9 Reasons InfiNet Wireless is Your Optimum Wireless Solution for Video Surveillance

Wireless video-surveillance systems are a common and reliable tool in security, safety and law enforcement. Most systems are based on IP radio technology and are designed to stream video from remot...
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Why Choose InfiNet Wireless & What Do They Have to Offer?

InfiNet Wireless is one of the largest privately-owned Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) development & manufacturing companies in the world - but what can it actually do for your and your busines...
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InfiNet Wireless Provides Fast, Over-Water Transmission for Regal Springs Fish Farms

InfiNet Wireless designed a network for optimum performance across the number one producer of all-natural tilapia, Regal Springs', challenging environment; using their portfolio of solutions that c...
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