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InfiNet Wireless Introducing New SDR Technology - Quanta 5

SDR (Software Defined Radio) technology is now all the rave in wireless. InfiNet takes this al the way to the top. Its SDR makes it possible to deploy the same InfiNet radio in a wide frequency range as well as auto-adjust to the environment to find the sweet spot where it does not have as much noise and can send at the highest speed and adjust automatically. The new Quanta 5 line is positioned price wise so that it will still be within reach of people using Ubiquity but will provide them twice or more the speed as well as mechanically be much more ruggedized. The Quantas 5 also optimizes spectral efficiency further than any solutions available in today's marketplace which significantly increases overall bandwidth and network stability.



The Quanta 5 is built on the most advanced hardware platform using InfiNet’s latest SDR technology. Providing the highest spectral efficiency available in today’s wireless marketplace – even when operating in high interference environments – the Quanta 5 is the company’s brand new 5 GHz Point-to-Point solution which has a capacity of up to 450 Mbps in just 40 MHz and a processing power of 800,000 packets per second!


It can also be deployed in a diverse range of applications, such as Video Surveillance Security Cameras,  backhauling for WiFi and 4G/LTE base stations and for providing Internet access to remote locations.


Solutions like the Quanta 5 enabled with InfiNet’s SDR technology offer significantly higher-performance than previous platforms and are available at competitive prices. This new technology is affordable and provides a much higher ROI for any service provider considering the launch of new generation infrastructures.

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