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Altai Launches Incredibly Powerful, Small, Light Weight Multi-Functional AP. Available Now At ABP!

  ABP Technology announces the introduction the A2e to the Altai Super WiFi product line. The A2e seamlessly integrates into the Altai WiFi network or can be used as a stand-alone device. The A2e ...
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Altai Announces the new A2 (802.11n) WiFi Pico Access Point

This new A2 will operate as 802.11n AP device and offers a total data throughput of approximately 120-150 Mbs. It also boasts a high number of simultaneous data users making the A2 a unique high-pe...
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Altai Technologies Unveils Low Cost, High Performance and High Reliability CPE for the Extension of WiFi Signal

Altai Technologies, a leading outdoor Super WiFi solution provider announced the launch of the Altai C1 WiFi CPE. The Altai C1 can be operated in CPE or access point mode. It is designed to be used...
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Wi-Fi Network for Public Surveillance

With rising security and safety concerns amongst the authorities, industries and communities, the use of video surveillance systems becomes increasingly popular in public transportation, production...
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Frequently Asked Questions for ALTAI A3

ALTAI A3 FAQs   1. Why do I need to buy Altai A3?Read more about Frequently Asked Questions for ALTAI A3
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Analysis of ALTAI A3 WiFi Coverage and Throughput

As tested at ABP, Altai A3 proves to be more effective and efficient with respect to its counterpart. As far as 200 meters from the access point the signal strength still look strong with 32000 byt...
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Altai wins Wi-Fi Innovation Award in Dubai

Altai wins Innovation award in Dubai from prestigious worldwide Wireless organization for the Altai A8 Wi-Fi base station. The Altai A8 is a high-performance long range access solution for 802.11 a...
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Altai Technologies Brings Advanced Wireless Broadband Solution to the University environment

The leading wireless solution provider, Altai Technologies announced another campus, SanJiang University in China has deployed Altai’s A8 Super WiFi base stations across its dormitory area. This un...
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Altai Base Stations were deployed to provide WiFi infrastructure in NY Central Park

Want the Web wherever, whenever? The same wireless networking that is invading homes and offices is now public, with thousands of so-called hot spots throughout the world. All you need is a noteboo...
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Connecting Rural Areas to the World

When ISPs plan to deploy Internet service to households in rural areas they usually encounter the lack of or poor quality telephone cables making difficult to deploy the service, if not impossible,...
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