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Altai wins Wi-Fi Innovation Award in Dubai

Altai wins Innovation award in Dubai from prestigious worldwide Wireless organization for the Altai A8 Wi-Fi base station. The Altai A8 is a high-performance long range access solution for 802.11 a/b/g. In this case Altai A8 was used in wireless VoIP which always represents extra challenges to the Wi-Fi Protocols which were designed for data and browsing and not for voice like GSN or CDMA. The ABP Team

We are proud to announce this years WBI Awards WINNERS and Finalists:
Best Wireless Broadband Roaming Product or Solution category
Brand Communications Apollo Anywhere Mobilty Platform
iPass - Global Broadband Roaming
WeRoam - GSM and WLAN united - WINNER
WiFi Roaming Solution of Deutsche Telekom ICSS
Appear IQ - Context Aware Mobility for TAP - WINNER
BT Business Mobile Broadband service
row 44 inflight broadband
Boingo Wireless
Best VoIP Product or Service category
Motorola TEAM Portfolio - WINNER
Motorola WiMAX CPEo 450
Ruckus ZoneFlex Enterprise
Orange Unik Service - WINNER
Wi-Fi Alliance
Altai A8 Super Base Station
Best WiMAX Product or Service category
4G Counts
Aptilo WiMAX CSN System (TM) - WINNER
DigitalBridge Network by Alvarion
Most innovative Wireless Broadband Company category
Broadsoft - www.broadsoft.com
Qatar Telecom, QTel - www.qtel.com.qa
IM2 3G Broadband Unlimited - www.indosatm2.com - WINNER
Boingo Wireless - www.boingo.com
iPass- www.ipass.com
Comfone - www.comfone.com
Individual Achievement Award category
Guy Dubois, CEO of MACH
Imad Tarabay, CEO of Cedarcom - WINNER
Alan Knott-Craig, MD of iBurst
Jack Blumenstein, CEO of Aircell

To all the Winners, Finalists and those which submitted their valued entry - Congratulations !!
– great work is ist own reward. Fame and bragging rights are also nice.
Kind regards,
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