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Altai Technologies Brings Advanced Wireless Broadband Solution to the University environment

The leading wireless solution provider, Altai Technologies announced another campus, SanJiang University in China has deployed Altai’s A8 Super WiFi base stations across its dormitory area. This university, located in the sub-urban area of Nanjing city, is the highest rated private institution in Jiangsu province with a campus area over 100,000 sq. m. and more than 7,000 students.

The decision to deploy a wireless network was driven by the overwhelming demand from students because of the widespread adoption of wireless technology devices such as laptops on the campus. Besides, Altai’s wireless solution saved the university from complicated cable wiring and shortened the deployment time.

There are many challenges in deploying a wireless network on a campus because it is a very dynamic environment and it requires high capacity for many simultaneous users. The smart antenna technology and advanced signal processing algorithm of Altai A8 base station helps in solving all these problems related with the deployment and provides excellent network performance for the students.

Five Altai A8 base stations have been installed across 14 buildings in the dormitory area providing 100% reliable indoor and outdoor coverage. The wireless network covered the entire dormitory area and now students can access the campus network and surf Internet inside their rooms.

The Altai A8 base station utilizes smart antenna technology to increase the
average signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and signal selection diversity in order to improve signal
performance under a multi-path fading situation. With these cutting-edge wireless
technologies, Altai A8 base station has significantly improved the outdoor WiFi signal
coverage area by 10 times per base station achieving non-line-of-sight radius coverage of up to
500 m in the dormitory area.

Additionally, the installation and deployment of the WiFi solution required only one week to complete the delivery of a superior WiFi connectivity to students.

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