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UniData ICW-1000G Date Fix

To update your Unidata ICW-1000G phone please proceed to do the following steps: 1. Download the firmware fix (v1.01.07) here to your local PC. 2. Ensure that the PC is connected to the same networ...
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Factory Reset UniData WiFi phone

It’s a fairly simple procedure.   All you need to do is press the down arrow on the ICW-1000G and then navigate to #7 which reads “Reset to Default”. Then enter the password “000000” and then ...
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What is the best Alternative to the Polycom SpectraLink 8400 series and Cisco WIP310 for a WiFi IP Phone?

If you’ve done your homework and tested various WiFi IP Phones, it may have gone 1 of 2 ways: 1. You did your testing a few years ago when these devices weren’t mature and you weren’t pleased with ...
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How to update the firmware of a Unidata WPU7800 wifi phone

This applies to Unidata WPU 7800 wifi Ip phone. 1. Install a tftp server application on your PC. I recommend pumpKin tftp server you can download and install for free. Configure the root directory ...
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Unidata Business Wi-Fi phone receives NGN award

  Norwalk, CT (April 13, 2009) -          Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC), www.tmcnet.com, a global media company, today announced the winners of the 2009 NGN Leadership Award from NGN magaz...
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