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How to Configure MxBell

The MOBOTIX MxBell App serves as a mobile intercom for MOBOTIX IP video door stations. It allows users to receive doorbell notifications, see live images of who is ringing the doorbell, talk to vis...
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Create your own security system in a snap with MxBUS

How do you protect a single office or area from intruders using a surveillance camera when you cannot use a time table to arm and disarm the camera? What is your response when your client confronts...
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What Does MOBOTIX's New Version of 6-Series Mean for the 5-Series?

At the beginning of the year, MOBOTIX will be sending out a discontinuation announcement of the 5-Series. This announcement anticipates the upcoming release of their new version of the impressive 6...
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What's New in MOBOTIX's Mx6 Dual-Core Technology

Mobotix has launched their new Mx6 dual-core technology with a wide line of M6-Series devices. Among these devices, it's being implemented across the popular M15 & M25 models as the new M16 &am...
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MOBOTIX New Q1 Products

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Crime Prevention the MOBOTIX Way

Would you rather catch a crime of vandalism or theft on your property or prevent it completely? That’s the question that Steven Rosenbloom, ex-law enforcement who is now a BDM for MOBOTIX, discusse...
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New MOBOTIX Planning Tool for Lens Selection

Knowing how challenging it sometimes can be to assess a client's situation correctly, Mobotix just introduced a couple of new planning tools helping you with this task: MX Planning Tool OpticsRead ...
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ABP now offers pre-formatted microSD cards for MOBOTIX cameras

Recording directly to a MOBOTIX camera while certainly convenient, can be a big time hog.  Mobotix uses their own MxFS files system that is more fault tolerant then Fat32 or NTFS and thus the cards...
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Integrating Security - Logistics company takes advantage of information management solutions

  ProTrans provides transportation and third-party logistics services that meet the shipping needs for manufacturers throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada. Its recently opened facility in...
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MOBOTIX introduces storage failover in Firmware update

Mobotix just released a new firmware update for all 15 and 25 series models with many new features including: ·         Support of the Cameras M15D-Thermal and S15 with Thermal Image Modules ·     ...
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