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Mobotix Cost Benefits - Unlimited scalability and high return on investment

MOBOTIX system architecture allows users to add cameras or storage devices at any time even while in use. Changing resolution or the size of ring buffer storage can be done separately for every cam...
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Mobotix Cost Benefits - No software costs and no license fees

No software costs and no license fees The professional control center with search functions was tried and tested at the Kaiserslautern World Cup Soccer Stadium and includes an integrated L...
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Mobotix - Sun and backlight compensation

CMOS sensor without auto iris, digital contrast enhancement and configurable exposure measurement zones guarantee optimal exposure control. Most cameras with mechanical auto iris more or less shut...
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Mobotix - MxControlCenter software included

Dual screen technology with building plans, free camera positioning, event search, image processing, lens distortion correction and PTZ support   Read more about Mobotix - MxControlCenter so...
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Mobotix - Audio & SIP Telephony

Signaling alarms worldwide via VoIP telephony - each camera is a video IP telephone based on SIP standard with automatic alarm call, remote control and lip-synchronized audio (live & recording)...
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Mobotix - Day & Night / Maintenance Free

Unique Day/Night camera technology without moving parts guarantees extreme light sensitivity and ensures long-term reliability. Whether in broad daylight or at night, security cameras need to be ca...
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Mobotix - Very Low Network Load

Efficient MxPEG video codec, motion detection based recording and video buffering inside camera guarantee a very low network load. Compared to a centralized PC solution with video management softw...
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Mobotix - Simultaneous recording, event search and live viewing

Live video for multiple users, recording and event search simultaneously possible in seconds - from anywhere in the world via network. Since everything happens inside the camera, a MOBOTIX camera ...
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Mobotix - Long-term, high-performance Terabyte recording included

The MOBOTIX storage concept is so simple, yet so unique that it never ceases to amaze. Most users can grasp the fact that the camera stores the images or video internally in a 64 MB ring buffer; ho...
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Mobotix - Progressive-scan instead of half-frame blur

Megapixel recording by MOBOTIX cameras with 1536 image lines offers much sharper detail than CIF format, which only has 0.1 megapixels. But even with reduced VGA recording at 480 lines, MOBOTIX cam...
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