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The Latest and Best Wireless VoIP Phones

Ideal for mobile workers & medical facilities, Grandstream's WP810 & WP820 wireless IP phones offer WiFi connectivity, HD voice & long battery life. Learn more about these cost-effectiv...
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Get more from the GDS3710 Door Station by integrating it with you Grandstream Solution

This article explains how a SIP Video Door Station (GDS3710) can be integrated with Grandstream solutions to enhance security and facility access control. It highlights the benefits of true integra...
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The GDS3710 Door Station is So Much More than Just a Security Device

This article explores how the GDS3710 goes beyond security features to improve business efficiency. It highlights how GDS3710 paired with GDS Manager software simplifies HR tasks like employee time...
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Grandstream: Your One-Stop-Shop for All UC Integration Needs

This article by Grandstream explains why integration is crucial in communication solutions and how Grandstream goes beyond basic SIP interoperability. By offering a wide range of communication and ...
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Grandstream UCM 62XX Series Password

Notice: All new Grandstream UCM units will have a default admin password that is unique to each device. The old default credentials will no longer apply (admin, admin). You can find the admin passw...
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Grandstream's Full HD Conferencing System

The GVC3200 is a ground-breaking solution that offers small businesses a revolutionary videRead more about Grandstream's Full HD Conferencing System
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Configuring MOBOTIX T25 with Grandstream GXV3140

We hope this blog post will help you install a T24/T25 system which incorporates a Grandstream GXV3140 phone.  Before starting, please read these important statements carefully: In order to use the...
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Grandstream's GXV-3140 IP Multimedia Phone is now Skype Certified

Grandstream announces that its GXV3140 IP multimedia phone, which uses mega-pixel camera and H.264 codec, is officially certified by Skype and incorporates native Skype embedded software to allow S...
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Grandstream IP Phone Headset Compatibility

Jabra: Jabra headsets can be connected to most Grandstream phones with the use of additional products, that are sold separately, such as quick disconnect cables, handset lifters, electronic hook sw...
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New Features of the Grandstream GXV3140 IP Video Phone

The already plentiful list of capabilities and features of the Grandstream GXV3140 just got a little longer with the new Feature Pack 2.0 firmware release that is now available. This upgrade will g...
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