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Bridging of recording during network failures

Internal camera ring buffer bridges network failures and bandwidth fluctuations of wireless links (WLAN/UMTS) for several minutes. Read more about Bridging of recording during network failures
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Mobotix - Long-term, high-performance Terabyte recording included

The MOBOTIX storage concept is so simple, yet so unique that it never ceases to amaze. Most users can grasp the fact that the camera stores the images or video internally in a 64 MB ring buffer; ho...
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Mobotix brings Open Standards to Security Surveillance

                    SIP Transformed the Telecommunications Industry now Mobotix brings SIP to IP Surveillance  The SIP protocol single handed changed the Telecom world introducing the concept of p...
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MOBOTIX IP Surveillance System for High Schools

MOBOTIX, provider of advanced IP based video solutions, announced that its SIP based IP video surveillance cameras have been installed to address potential high school security issues in Jackson, O...
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MOBOTIX SIP cameras converge telephony with security on Asterisk(TM)

ABP Technology recently announced the introduction of a new line of SIP based IP Cameras and the FREE Monitoring software from MOBOTIX for advanced BUSINESS surveillance solutions.Prevention of cri...
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