IP Technology Distribution


There are huge differences in the NAS systems available on the market from various manufacturers. Devices with a weak processor do not offer the high transmission rates that would basically be required from a cable connection. There are also big differences in the range of functions.

In order to ensure customers the same MOBOTIX-proven premium product quality in network storage, and because only MOBOTIX NAS devices are equipped with special MxMC interface software, we can provide central access to all camera recordings in connection with MxMC (as of version 2.0) from the decentralized MOBOTIX IoT cameras of the Mx6 series as well as ONVIF-S cameras of the MOBOTIX MOVE series. 

The result: A highly efficient complete solution with secure data storage from a single source, which now allows decentralized and centralized video components to be easily combined. The numerous product advantages of the intelligent MOBOTIX IoT cameras (such as MxAnalytics or MxActivitySensor) are completely retained, while each MxMC workstation can now also be supplemented with the special functions of, for example, a mechanical HighSpeed PTZ camera. Easy to realize without programming effort! 



All three MxNAS models come with factory-specific MxMC interface software. This allows a user via MxMC 2.0 to play and export the images of all integrated cameras stored on the MOBOTIX NAS without having to leave the MxMC application.


Which NAS should you choose?

In addition to the number of ONVIF-S camera channels required, the basic criteria to evaluate is the volume of memory to be expected. So a NAS with 4 hard drives currently provides a max of 36 TB of data volume net, i.e., with redundancy.


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