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Create your own security system in a snap with MxBUS

How do you protect a single office or area from intruders using a surveillance camera when you cannot use a time table to arm and disarm the camera?

What is your response when your client confronts you with the following challenge? 


Your requirements are as follow:

1. To secure an office or area 24/7 whith video surveillance that sends an alarm via email and text message as soon as someone enters the area

2. The system needs to be easily armed and disarmed since the area will be entered at random times which prevents the usage of a time table

3. Have an audio feedback as well as a 2-way communication option

Our partner in Edmonton, Safe With Ulli Inc., was asked to provide exactly such a security system for a lawyer's office.

The solution was easier than you might expect. All that was used was a MOBOTIX c26B, including the MxBus addition and an MxKeypad. The keypad was mounted in the staircase which allows the system to be armed and disarmed by a PIN code before entering the visible area of the camera. The camera was programed to alert the general manager of this office when someone steps into this area without someone being present. When a PIN code is used, the camera plays back a pre-recorded audio file confirming its state but it also allows for direct and fast 2-way audio conversation using the MOBOTIX MxBell App.

(Note: Not actual office.)
The client was extremely happy with the easiness and functionality of this professional solution, but even more with the price point since traditional security companies couldn't even figure out a way to pull it off or were asking for substantially more money.
So next time you're asked to do the 'impossible', call us at 972-831-1600, #3 or email sales@abptech.com and we will help figuring it out.
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