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MOBOTIX New Q1 Products

MOBOTIX MxSwitch and MultiSensor

Mobotix was busy in their first quarter and announced a few new products including the MultiSense, MxSwitch and MX-Proximity-Box. But other than the updates for Activity Sensor and camera firmware updates, what benefits do these new products Mobotix announced in December offer for your customers?  For one, brand new hardware options bring added services and possibilities with a very clean design to an already solid product line.  My goal in this blog post is to help you see all the benefits and features Mobotix's new products and updates can bring to your wheelhouse.   



The MultiSense is a very low-profile device that can extend the detection coverage of Mobotix cameras to additional areas beyond the camera.  The MultiSense device is the same physical size and shape as the already familiar sensor modules used for the M15/M25 and S15 family and will fit in the different housing options you may already have.  The MultiSense device has four environmental detectors (sound pressure, Illumination, temperature, and motion) instead of the image sensor.  A single Mobotix camera can control up to seven MultiSense devices, and each device can trigger custom events without the hassle of extra head-end hardware.  MultiSense devices can be spread throughout an office building to detect environmental changes after hours, placed inside of machinery to detect heat or abnormal volume levels, or used in a house to turn on lights.  This enables you to become a preventative hero to your projects and save time and money in the long run by detecting and resolving potential issues before they turn into even bigger problems.  

Mobotix MultiSense  Mobotix MultiSense







Customers are bringing more technology into their homes and offices every year.  Our goal is to make those systems as robust and yet streamlined as possible at the end of the day.  The T25 based Smart Access System combined with the MxSwitch leads itself that idea.  The MxSwitch eliminates the hassles involved with video intercom systems by placing all of the needed connections points on a single device. Your T25, MxDisplay, anti-vandal frame release, and Trine door strike are powered on a single device with the MxSwitch. Providing a top of the line video intercom system with built in door strike has never been easier. ABP has solutions combining the Mobotix Smart Access Set 2, power supply, and door strike for easy ordering.

MOBOTIX MxSwitch  Mobotix Panoramic View




















Mobotix has announced a new option for event and object detection through their already industry-leading robust products with the MX-Proximity-Box. This new module is the same form-factor as existing Mobotix interface boxes but brings an affordable and concealable radar sensor to your tool box.













The MX-Proximity-Box will connect to a Mobotix camera over MxBus and can be placed up to 100 meters from the camera. MxMessages can be sent when the MX-Proximity-Box senses movement using programmer-defined events. Even with its small physical size and low power consumption, Mobotix states detection of vehicles up to 35 meters away and persons up to 15 meters away with a detection cone that measures 80° horizontally by 34° vertically.


MX-Proximity_Box detection anglesHere are just a few scenarios in which this radar may be a better choice for event detection:

  • In case you're deploying passive infrared detectors - they have difficulties working in an environment near the human body's 98.6°F (37°C) average temperature, but are often the most common sensor option available.
  • In an environment with constant motion, such as an assembly line or bottling plant, when a person's movement needs to trigger an event reliably.
  • When motion is required for an event, but environmental obstacles such as vegetation or walls are obscuring the scene and minimizing detection through video or PIR.


The MX-Proximity-Box will be available mid-April, but feel free to contact us at sales@abptech.com or 972.831.1600 for more information and pricing on this new product announcement.

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