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New MOBOTIX Planning Tool for Lens Selection

Knowing how challenging it sometimes can be to assess a client's situation correctly, Mobotix just introduced a couple of new planning tools helping you with this task:

MX Planning Tool Optics

This tool has just been updated to the latest changes regarding the new product codes for the lenses. It helps not only by giving you static info but can be used dynamically for all 3 different types of sensors: 3.1/1MP, 5MP and 6MP. As a result, you're getting the distances in m, ft or yards in accordance to the resolution and level of identification.

Really great tool - check it out! And, don't forget to click on the little blue button with an 'i' in it for clarification what is meant by the corresponding level of identification!

6MP/5MP lenses overview

Overview 6MP lenses
Please, find above a great overview regarding the 5 and 6 mega-pixel sensor/lens combinations. Here you'll see quickly which degrees horizontally and vertically are covered by which lens.

We're trying to keep such info as short as possible so you have a chance of reading it. 

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