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The New MxMC 2.0

With the latest version of MxMC - version 2.0 - it is now possible to combine into a unique, compatible hybrid solution not only intelligent decentralized MOBOTIX IoT cameras, but also the non-decentralized MOBOTIX MOVE cameras and third-party ONVIF-S cameras plus MxNAS devices. 

MxMC 2.0 also reduces the need to configure the entire video system since now a large part of all the settings can be adapted for up to 80 IoT cameras simultaneously within seconds. 

The basic version with extended standard features is available free of charge. The additional features for the integration of ONVIF-S cameras and access to advanced levels of service and support can be added at any time with an attractive licensing model.

Integration Starter License is required only once per MxMC workstation. Any number of MOBOTIX MOVE and IoT cameras can be integrated in H.264 mode and up to 9 ONVIF-S cameras from third party manufacturers. 


Integration Channel License is required once for each additional ONVIF-S camera connected to an H.264 MxMC workstation. In principle, any number of third-party cameras in MJPEG can be integrated in MxMC with the purchase of any number of Integration Channel Licenses, even without an Integration Starter License. However, due to some performance reasons (network load/data traffic), this is only advisable in very specific applications.


If you have purchased and activated the Advanced Configuration License, you can now check and significantly change more camera and system settings via MxMC 2.0. The big advantage of MxMC's built-in configuration soluiton is that you no longer need to call, for example, every single camea in the browser if you want to review and change the settings of an entire camera group. With the advanced configuration in MxMC 2.0, it is possible to adapt the configuration of up to 80 cameras in one group at the same time, which in turn means enormous time and cost savings, especially in large projects.


The newly offered Advanced Service Licenses with terms of 1, 2 or 5 years have been designed primarily as an attractive service offering for end customers with mission-critical applications, which goes far beyond the actual MxMC application compared to the other licenses. In order to minimize downtimes, Advanced Service License customers with currently difficult problems in their MOBOTIX video system are give the opportunity to contact MOBOTIX as the manufacturer directly for problem solving (in addition to the usual service provided by the MOBOTIX partner).



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