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UniData ICW-1000G Date Fix

To update your Unidata ICW-1000G phone please proceed to do the following steps:

1. Download the firmware fix (v1.01.07) here to your local PC.

2. Ensure that the PC is connected to the same network as the AP as the phone.

3. Enable on the Incom ICW-1000G Menu > Settings > Preference > Lock PC Sync >Enable > set the password for Web Configuration Tool

4. Enter the phone’s IP address:8080 in the address bar of the PC’s web browser and press



5. After displayed Web Configuration Tool, click <setup> button above the right side.


6. Follow the screen prompts to enter the username (admin) and password for admin and then click <OK>







7. Select 'System' Tab and click 'Firmware Upgrade'.












8. Click button '파일 선택’.











9. Select .zip file.


10. Click OK











The phone will now have a fixed date & time for the 2020 year. 

Any questions can be asked on a support ticket here or by calling ABP's support line:

972-831-1600, option 


ABP offers free online case support if the equipment was purchased through ABP & other premium support offerings including hourly or yearly support.

Speak to your sales person for more information:

972-831-1600, option 3




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