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Altai Technologies Unveils Low Cost, High Performance and High Reliability CPE for the Extension of WiFi Signal


Altai Technologies, a leading outdoor Super WiFi solution provider announced the launch of the Altai C1 WiFi CPE. The Altai C1 can be operated in CPE or access point mode. It is designed to be used with Altai Super WiFi systems to extend outdoor coverage to indoor broadband connectivity.

An addition to Altai’s award-winning Super WiFi Systems, the Altai C1 enables network operators to take advantage of the cost savings provided by the Altai Super WiFi System’s 10X greater coverage area. The distinctive features of Altai C1 are as follows:

• Increase signal strength for both non-line-of-sight and line-of-sight coverage areas by A8/A8E Super WiFi Base Station
• Improve data transmission rate in client terminals and overall throughput
• Standard 802.11b/g (n in next release) access and Fast Ethernet interface
• Light weight with built-in mounting bracket
• Weather-proof design against extended temperature range and wind vibration

The C1 WiFi CPE has a high capacity 2.4GHz broadcast radio to enable it to convert the access coverage from A8/A8E to standard Ethernet connection for desktops. Furthermore, it is a key component in wireless broadband access provisioning. The C1 can be installed for both indoor and outdoor areas.

Moreover, the C1 can be used as a standalone Access Point for smaller systems with Fast Ethernet backhaul. The Altai’s C1 commences shipping in mid October 2009 and is going to be demonstrated at the Supercomm 2009 (Chicago, US).

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