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Altai Announces the new A2 (802.11n) WiFi Pico Access Point

This new A2 will operate as 802.11n AP device and offers a total data throughput of approximately 120-150 Mbs. It also boasts a high number of simultaneous data users making the A2 a unique high-performance wireless device.

• The A2 is standalone high-performance Access Point and is Inter-operable with Altai’s  network management system. It also can operate over the built-in 5 GHz backhaul radio. You can even set up a 4 node AP network with 5 GHz backhaul using only A2s. ( It will operate in Access Point mode or Repeater mode. )
• Supports up to 512 simultaneous user data sessions in either Repeater or Access Point mode.
• IP67 certified for installation in even the most severe outdoor weather conditions.

Attached Data Sheet on Altai A2 summarizes main selling points. The bottom-line advantages however, are the simultaneous user data sessions and the distance reach to the end-user client. Altai has conducted extensive competitive research and Altai excels in these two areas. The other major advantage is seamless end-user connectivity in a multi-node network. And like the entire Altai range better lock-in to remote devices, high gain for receiving weak devices and Altai NMS support.

Hope you find this information useful. If you ever have a competitive situation please call us to discuss. As always its a pleasure for me to give you some tips on how to best design and layout wireless solutions and also have a lot of competitive information. We are seeing a nice surge in Altai proposals both for stand-alone data infrastructure as well as in conjunction with our other VoIP, IP Digital Signage/IPTV or Video Surveillance product solutions.


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