IP Technology Distribution

Connecting Rural Areas to the World

Solving the problem for low density population

When ISPs plan to deploy Internet service to households in rural areas they usually encounter the lack of or poor quality telephone cables making difficult to deploy the service, if not impossible, using xDSL. Also in sparsely distributed housing areas the cost of laying fiber is not justifiable at normal subscription rates and to increase the subscription fee is not viable since this will exceed the affordability of normal residents.

Making cost-effective the Internet deployment in rural areas
As an alternative, wireless solutions are being deployed to solve the rural deployment problems, but the conventional mesh networks are unsatisfactory because the small coverage capability (90 - 150 m per access point), very low throughput and large time delay in deploying the service, due to extensive hopping in the network design.
Altai has won many successful rural application cases, other methods could not be costs justified. Altai A8 WiFi Cellular Base Station will be used for primary coverage over large area. For a low rise buildings scenario, a 350 to 500 m NLOS distance is achievable and only 2 to 4 A8 base stations are required for each km. For open areas such as parks or highways, a near line-of-sight of up to 1 km can be achieved.
At areas further away from the rural center, the Altai A0 WiFi Bridge will be used to extend backhaul wirelessly for up to 6.5 km.
For large houses with deep interior areas, Dual Zone Indoor CPE will be installed at inner window sides of buildings to extend the outdoor 802.11b/g signal from A8 to 802.11b/g indoor.

Quick Internet service for areas where it is not available and telephone service is very limited
Altai WiFi networking products will lower your costs not only in hardware, but also in site buildup, installation, maintenance and operation, resulting in a savings in total cost of ownership as much as 65%!
Long range capability – by using multiple radios and multiple smart antennas technology, and you can obtain high throughput for more subscribers
Complete voice and Internet services for households and fast deployment can be completed in days.
A typical network solution is shown below:

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