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In order to provide a Broadband Access solution across the UK one the most profitable broadband wireless carrier: Metronet is using InfiNet's products for customers and locations where bandwidth requirements were more demanding, and where reliability is more important than anything, particularly in difficult environments. With more than 75% of the UK's Gigabit wireless links registered to Metronet, the Company has unmatched expertise in technology that allows it to develop ultra high speed Metropolitan networks at a fraction of the cost of cabled network alternatives.


When deploying with Infinet Wireless products, Metronet was able to offer their customers a viable alternative to traditional leased line services using broadband last-mile wireless technologies, with managed services at “fixed menu-price” of up to 200 Mbps connections, plus a  contractual Service Level Agreement (SLA) guaranteeing service levels of 99.95% with 4-hours break/fix reliability.

A20 A22 Digium IP Phone for Asterisk



Additionally, they were a able to support a complete range of advanced services to end users across wireless technology, covering basic connectivity to more advanced services such as VoIP, IP CCTV Surveillance, Business Continuity services and advanced data services including Premium WAN, MPLS IP VPN, Managed Security, Colocation and QinQ (Stacked VLANs).



The solution was conformed by InfiMan and InfiMan 2x2 Point-to-Multipoint products; R5000-Mm and R5000-Sm with integrated antenna CPE (Customer Premise Equipments) to provide point-to point and point-to-multipoint access to customers requiring warranted throughputs of 30Mbps, 50Mbps and 80Mbps; and R5000-Om and R5000-Mme products for the core backhaul, with throughputs of 80 and 300 Mbps respectively.





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