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3CX Version 16 is out now!

3CX Version 16 is out now! Many highly requested features throughout the years have been implemented (or are in the process of being added). Here are some of the other highlights we’re excited about here at ABP:


Tighter Integration with Office 365:

  • V16 expands on 3CX’s ability to tie in with office 365. The 3CX Web Client and softphones can monitor your calendar in 365 and toggle your profile accordingly. If you’re in a meeting for an hour and are “Busy” then 3CX will automatically switch your profile to DND for example:














3CX can also sync your extensions with your users in Office 365 and add/delete their extensions within the PBX:







Launch Scripts from the IVR:

  • V16 allows for a script to be launched from a Digital Receptionist.











When a caller hits the IVR, they can be prompted to verify details (I.e. account number, juror number etc) and launch a script. Pretty powerful feature without having to use the Call Flow Designer.




Call Report Improvements:

  • Call reporting is important for many businesses. The 3CX call reporter has quite a number of reports but there’s always a different way the call data records can be spliced and invariably, a customer will need some report that 3CX may not have natively. V16 brings some improvements to the reporter and has added some new reporting options. We welcome the addition of the much heavily requested “Trunk/DID” report. You can now run a report on a specific trunk or DID which a great new addition:







  • The much anticipated “dial-in” functionality has been added to WebMeeting which builds upon the already great feature set WebMeeting has offered. Now participants can join the audio via their device speakers (like always) or they can dial in to the meeting through the PBX’s audio conference bridge. This is a great new feature and really helps solidify WebMeeting as a contender with GoToMeeting or WebEx.


Client Improvements:

  • The V16 Web Client has several cool new additions such as a pop-out Switchboard view to monitor all calls side by side with your Queue calls and Queue stats. The pop-out Switchboard view was a popular feature in the Windows softphone so it’s great to see 3CX add this now to the Web Client as well.




















  • The Android, iOS and Web Clients have a new improved chat tool to allow sending emojis and attaching a document or an image in a chat message.

  • But probably the most important and impressive new feature of the Web Client is the ability for the user to configure their own BLF keys on their IP phone via the Web Client...no need to have admin access to the PBX to do this! This has been a major request through the years so we’re sure your users will enjoy having the ability to set their own BLFs without calling you every time they want to make a change:







Multiple Instance manager:

3CX has brought back some similar functionality to what they had in V12 and V14 with their multi-tenant. V16 is not multi-tenant per say, but you now have the optional ability to manage/monitor multiple Linux PBX instances from one interface. For our partners looking to expand on this functionality and not only monitor multiple PBXs but also get alerts for QoS issues on phones then IPTechView is a great tool you’ll want to be sure to check out.

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