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2014 has been a busy year for DrayTek so far, and we bring you a quick summary of the cool stuff that has been announced and released in recent weeks. To keep you up to date on DrayTek advancements...
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802.1Q VLANs on the DrayTek 2960 Firewall

  VLANs allow a network to be logically segmented based on applications, traffic, job roles etc which greatly simplifies management and security. Tag-based VLANs are implemented on the switch, but ...
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DrayTek Live GUI Demo

Click on the Model number to access the product's GUI Single WAN VigorFly 210 Vigor 2130 Series Multi WANRead more about DrayTek Live GUI Demo
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How to Surf Safe on Public WiFi with DrayTek VPN

Secure Wi-Fi hotspots are your safest choice when using WiFI. Look for hotspots that use WPA encryption and require a password to log-in. If you aren’t using a secure hotspot, know that your inform...
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DrayTek SoHo Single Wan

In addition to a being the leading manufcturer of Multi-Wan Routers, DrayTek also offers a rich set of  Residential and SOHO routers for the xDSL market. Dryatek offers a rich selection of highly c...
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DrayTek Security Routers Small & Medium Business

Mid-size business heavily rely on the advanced network features such as Firewall, VPN, Content filtering, VLAN and Multi Wan. Their network infrastructure needs to help the organization reach the g...
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DrayTek SMB Solutions

The right information and communication technologies help these SMBs stay focused on their core competency in order to compete against larger players. DrayTek hence launches SMB  Network Solutions ...
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ABPTech wins a Best of Show Award for DrayTek Vigor2920n Router at ITEXPO

During IT Expo Miami, the DrayTek Vigor 2920 Small Business Router receives a Best of Show Award for providing consumers and businesses a more secure and guaranteed access to the Internet and Cloud...
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DrayTek at 2013 IT Expo East in Miami, FL

        For Immmediate Release:Read more about DrayTek at 2013 IT Expo East in Miami, FL
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Beyond SNMP for Network Management with DrayTek

Centralized multi-site network management is not only for large ISPs anymore. DrayTek makes powerful network management tools available to Small Managed Service Providers and Value Added Resellers....
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