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First let me share with you a quick recap of the most important highlights of the last year.

Starting from this year we will bring you a digest of the latest DrayTek news, including new product announcements, firmware releases, security advisories and application notes in one convenient newsletter, DrayTek Bytes which we plan to release every other month. It will include case studies for integrators and MSPs and tips and tricks to get the most out of your DrayTek infrastructure.


DrayTek USA Website 

In August 2014, we announced the launch of our new DrayTekUSA website, packed with valuable content. Live web demos, product and feature announcements, video tutorials, latest application notes, expert reviews, firmware downloads and more; our aim is to put everything DrayTek right at your fingertips.


Access Point Management (APM)

Your DrayTek Router now includes the Wireless Controller!

DrayTek routers and Access Points can now be bundled together to offer a complete DrayTek wireless solution to your customers. The APM feature available on DrayTek routers 3900, 2960, 2860 and 2925 with a free firmware upgrade adds tremendous value by letting you manage your DrayTek Access Points from a central DrayTek router. This eliminates the additional expense of a Wireless Controller for managing Access Points.





APM allows plug-and-play configuration of DrayTek Access Points which makes installation a breeze. It offers other cool features to simplify WiFi management such as AP Traffic Graphs, AP Load Balancing, AP Provisioning etc. Check out our APM video tutorials for more information.


Central VPN Management (CVM)

Click-n-Go Integrated VPN Management

VPN Management of a multi-site network can be a time-consuming task with multiple parameters to be synchronized and security associations to be built. A single incorrect setting or invalid parameter can prevent the VPNs from establishing correctly.

Central VPN Management (CVM) on select Vigor models makes it simple to manage VPN connections. PPTP/IPSec VPNs can be setup with just one click. At present, CVM is available on Draytek Vigor models 3900 (16 CPE), 2960 (12 CPE), 2925 (8 CPE) and 2860 (8 CPE).


Powerful New Route Policy

DrayTek has upgraded the Route Policies to give you complete control over your network traffic with route priorities and policy failover. This can be an incredibly powerful tool for network administrators and is being added to most models with free firmware upgrades. Watch DrayTek FAE engineer Henry Lo's demo of the new Diagnose tool for troubleshooting route policies.


Tip of the Day - Enabling Google Safe Search

Did you know you can now enable Google Safe Search with the DNS Redirection option on DrayTek routers? Google Safe Search can protect children from being inadvertently exposed to inappropriate or explicit content in Google search results and is a mandatory requirement for most school networks.


We are looking forward to a busy and even more exciting 2015 with lots of great projects with DrayTek Networking Solutions and Private Cloud Remote Monitoring and Management System.


By Mrunmayee Athawalé




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