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Fiber Optic Solutions for Hospitals FTTD

MICROSENS Offers Innovative and Economic Fiber Optic Solutions for Hospitals 

We are always excited to find solution for vertical industires that add functional value as well as cost savings to justify their deployment MICROSENS does exactly that for us for the Hospitals.

Increasing health costs and reduced benefits are cutting into hospital and clinic's budgets all the time. Mounting pressure to keep costs down leaves institutions with less and less financial flexibility. Decision makers have long recognised that IT supported medicine is the only feasible way of providing quality patient care while maintaining a competitive business edge. Fibre Optic connectivity makes more sense than regular copper Ethernet in most hospitals. ibre offers a more robust solution with no reisk of Electric Interferences, offers much better bandwidth, allows for future bandwidth growth, eliminates the need for intermediate switches and wiring cabinets, reducing real estate cost, management, equipment ane energy cost. 

MICROSENS systems increase IT-infrastructure’s profitability by, for example, supporting fee-based additional services like patient Internet or IPTV and thus generating additional revenue. As a German developer and manufacturer of high-performance fiber optic components, we have successfully supported a number of projects in the health care industry by providing reliable products and excellent consultation.





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