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Phybridge UniPhyer - Introducing IP over twisted pair -a compelling Value Proposition


Disclaimer: In July of 2015, Phybridge Inc. acquired Network Video Technologies, which now operates under the name NVT Phybridge. Visit www.nvtphybridge.com for more information. Additionally, in 2016 NVT Phybridge announced the end-of-sale and end-of-life of the UniPhyer switch. Please visit https://www.nvtphybridge.com/eol/ for more information.


You probably have heard this story several times:

Customer agrees with the strategic value of IP and wanted to move on but had traditional phone or coax cabling and LAN infrastructure. Their data network is at maximum and the cost of re-cabling and new devices combined with business disruptions during deployment were barriers in their move to IP telephony"

60% of organizations underestimate the time, cost, or both required to plan, design, and implement LAN readiness. Overall, companies spend an average of $421 on the LAN upgrade per seat. This is why when the industry decided to converge voice and data networks, they underestimated the impact on businesses.

Although the benefits of IP are clear from a productivity standpoint, the ROI of migrating from digital telephony to VoIP or Analog Video Surveillance to IP Video Surveillance  is often impaired by the costs of upgrading facilities to CAT5/6 cabling, and by the ongoing expense of managing data throughput priorities in order maintain the quality of voice service and reliability that clients have become accustomed to via digital switched telephony.

Sometimes the most simple concepts make for the most incredible opportunities. The concept is that you can create great value if you can deliver IP and PoE over CAT3 telephone cabling. With Phybridge you can now offer customers guaranteed quality of service, Power over Ethernet, and an optimized converged network.

Until Phybridge's introduction, there was no simple and cost effective way for enterprises to repurpose twisted pair to deliver the productivity benefits of converged IP-based communications. The TMC Lab innovation award winning Phybridge UniPhyer allows for an optimized converged voice and data network; enabling the deployment of IP Telephony to be quick and easy with no network or business disruptions

Sectors such as education, healthcare, hospitality, retail and government greatly benefit. Phybridge is looking forward to bring your customers to the future of communications with much of the focus being on implementing the productivity enhancing IP applications ensuring a reliable converged network that handles both voice and data.

The Phybridge UniPhyer is definitively a game changing technology that leverages the existing telephony infrastructure to create a parallel network for IP Voice or IP Video  with one point of LAN convergence.
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The ABP Team  03-23-2010

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