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Kentix SmartXcan Stands

In many settings a stand is better than a wall mount solution. We now offer a very elegant US made custom stand designed to Kentix specs and built of power coated steel. This stand is solid and will not tilt (22 pounds). This enables to move the stand around until you find the perfect position for your customer site, making scans easy and comfortable. If your customer needs a camera a camera add-on module for MOBOTIX is available.

Most important is that a stand will help make your first Kentix projects a success.  Customer's original placement idea is often not ideal and takes a few tests to find the right flow at a location depending on things like doors, lights, Air Conditioner vents, wall space, etc. a stand gives the freedom to make adjustments and find an optimal placement.  

A quality stand also elevates the look and feel of a project which is important to get the buy-in of the users. Your not selling a science project - but a new normal - at least for now.

For those customers that want video in addition to the Thermal Alert only we created a special software module in IPTECHVIEW that combines the SmartXcan with IP cameras from MOBOTIX.

The above solution is full supported by IPTECHVIEW's MxMSP/MxLINQ and a new  "EBT Alert"* solution that enables a central log and reporting of all alerts. The new EBT module also send alerts of specific cameras to specific people by SMS, Email or SLACK as well as log actions and help manage the workflow and protocols.

*All EBT Data is protected following HIPPA regulations and HR recommended standards. 





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