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Master Kentix Products: Comprehensive Certification Training Available

Become a Kentix Expert with Certification Training


Whether you’re new to Kentix or have seen it once before and are just getting started - Kentix Certification will get you up to speed from novice to expert.  Completing the Certification Training program allows you to offer, install and deliver the entire Kentix product line, including Access Control products like the SmartXcan with RFID reader.  As a Certified Kentix Partner, you also enjoy an additional 5% discount on your orders exclusively through ABP Technology.


1. Become an ABP VAR (if you're not already) ABP Partners enjoy an additional 5% discount on the SmartXcan:


2. Get certified - We will cover the full line of Kentix products and the technical aspects for a deeper understanding of the full range of what you can deliver. Pick a date and sign up for certification here.


3. Order your first SmartXcan Fever Scan Thermal Imaging Device by calling +1-972-831-1600 option 3. Getting your certification will also place you into the exclusive group of Certified Kentix partners and future incentives. You’ll always be the first to know what Kentix has in store for your customers and what’s coming up very soon.  Here's the order form pdf for the Basic Monitoring and Network Reader Starter Sets.

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