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360 Smart Building Security for Pros

Imagine you're going to work and your most important tool doesn't work, or worse...it got hot and caused a fire which burned down your office building! Wouldn't it have been nice to prevent this from happening?

Introducing Kentix - securing your mission critical infrastructure


Introducing Kentix


Meet Kentix - a German engineering powerhouse with headquarters in Idar-Oberstein. Kentix is a manufacturer of professional Smart Building Security products for the physical security of mission-critical hardware infrastructure. Their integrated security solutions include environmental monitoring, access control, power monitoring and IP video surveillance, completely remote controllable via Kentix360 Cloud and IPTechView.


Kentix: Easy-to-Use, Network-Based Solutions for Optimal IT Availability

In comparison to several single systems, this saves a great amount of cost and effort. The use of wireless mesh networks and modern web technology enables fast and easy system integration. Kentix puts great emphasis on the easy usability of all our products which are exclusively manufactured in Germany according to highest quality standards. Kentix systems offer network based solutions for any demand and can be applied in all sectors of the economy. With Kentix, you can easily optimize your IT availability and avoid system outages before they occur. 


As important as the firewall, 50% of hardware failures have physical causes! In contrast to outages that are caused by software or human errors, downtime due to physical defects usually lasts a lot longer and is more expensive. Use Kentix to close a gap in your hardware security with Kentix and fulfill regulatory requirements such as BSI baseline protection and the ISO 27001. 


Effective protection against up to 37 physical risks - the Kentix MultiSensor Family

The modular structure of Kentix allows you to create a customized and challenge-specific solution at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. 

The AlarmManager enables not only alarms via emails and IP notifications but also via text messages even in case of a power outage due to its internal GSM modem. All you need is a SIM card with a text-only plan from yoru phone provider. 


The advantage at a glance:

  • Early detection of threats - short reaction times, low subsequent costs
  • Low personnel costs due to automatic monitoring
  • Relief for the system administrator - low liability risk
  • Low operating costs due to remote monitoring
  • Low investment costs - easy installation and launch
  • ROI within one year - immediately if only one outage is prevented


NEW: Meet the new Kentix MultiSensor TI

Adding thermal imaging technology to predict failures before they happen!


new Kentix MultiSensor TI













The new Kentix MultiSensor TI detects all major physical hazards:

  • Thermal hotspots by using its Thermal Image sensor
  • Early fire detection via highly sensitive CO sensor
  • Determination of air quality according to the IAQ Index (Indoor Air Quality)
  • Air pressure management sensor (hPa)
  • Monitoring of room temperature for cooking and heating applications
  • Monitoring the room air condition using its humidity sensor
  • Preventing tampering or vandalism attempts due to the integrated vibration sensor
  • Option to monitor or control external devices using integrated relays (sirens, lights)


However, this new innovative technology doesn't stop there. Its integrated AI unit allows people counts as well as a dead-man detection and alarm feature:


MultiSensor TI detects all major physical hazards



Start using Kentix to differentiate your business and enter a new market with unlimited potential of protecting their mission-critical infastructure and keeping people safe and employed.

Contact us at ABP today and register as the new Kentix partner for your area. We provide you with your Kentix certification training, reliable support and quick delivery. 


Above that our own IPTechView remote management platform allows you to monitor and manage your Kentix solutions remotely in a safe and secure environment. 


We're looking forward to working with you!

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