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Why Kentix Thermal Radiometry Sensors are Valuable to Pre-Screening and Reducing the Risk of Contagion


We believe KENTIX SmartXcan is one of the most reliable and effective pre-screening solutions for elevated body temperature detection.
Everyone is frustrated with this pandemic and it's easy to think we have no control, and just hope for the best. As a company we are committed to providing value to our customers and in today's pandemic we believe we have solutions where together we may be able to keep some people from getting infected. If you can help keep some of your customers workplace safer, even if the solution can only pre-screen a portion of people that have a fever and are not asymptomatic or presymptomatic - we feel that we did our part to help.
Kentix doesn't attempt to capture a full room but only one person at a time, that is stationary for a few seconds and at a controlled distance. This enables Kentix to look at the face only, locate the eye and inner canthus temperatures, which are know to correlate the closest to the body temperature and then use some AI and algorithms to compare to forehead and face and compensate for skin temperature patterns that are know depending on parameters like room temperature and humidity.
The objective of this device is to be very reliable in pre-screening elevated temperature cases. It should be precise in finding people that could have fever and be simple to use.
Last, Kentix has a world class Interoperability with an RESTful API and an optional secure cloud based device health monitoring, remote maintenance, and encrypted data collection to help centrally aggregate data scanning process that can be use to help localize spikes early on and to monitor adherence to a scanning procedure. Integration with IP Camera and a third-party cloud based HIPAA compliant application for documenting alerts and resolution are also available.


You can help in this pandemic and pre-screening can save lives. Press Headlines like “Temperature Screening is Ineffective, says US, UK,…” are a misleading simplification that confuses cause and effect and can lead to passivity and resignation..

As a specialty distributor that sells Kentix SmartXcan to pre-screen for Elevated Body-Temperature or Fever, we believe in the cause and the technology.

IPVM had been pointing out all along that most IP camera-based thermal temperature screening solutions were producing misleading or even bogus results. This is exactly what caused statements like from “UK Government warns Unreliable-Do not Work” or Dr Fauci’s “Fever Screening is notoriously inaccurate”. Many devices being sold are ineffective and when compounding this with the fact that there are many pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic cases that fever screening naturally will miss, it is easy to come to a false conclusion to "Throws out the baby with the bathwater".

Intelligence and competence need to prevail and it's important to fully analyze a rather complex set of circumstances more carefully to understand what these devices are actually doing and how they work. So let’s start from the beginning. Nothing changed in the fact that people with fever are often highly contagious if fever detection is done right, regardless of how it will help prevent contagion. The real issue is to do it reliably.

The dilemma is that every supplier of camera equipment jumped on the bandwagon and started pitching solutions based on thermal sensors reading the skin surface. Climate, sun, or AC exposure prior to entry, natural differences between people’s skin temperature make the simple reading of large skin surfaces like forehead inadequate for the purpose of determining fever.

However, that does not mean that thermal radiometry when used right can't be useful. The answer is in applying the technology correctly and understanding that the goal is not to read a perfect skin temperature but to find a correlation that shows there is a high likelihood of the person having an elevated body temperature or a fever. This can be done by focusing on individual people from the front at relative close distance. Get a complete temperature scan of the face and process it with algorithms that find areas like the inner canthus which have a high correlation with body temperature and combine the results with readings from the forehead and other areas of the face. Compare these with at least room temperature maybe even add outside temperature to the mix and applying either a formula that has proven successful or deep learning derived pattern to recognize high-body temperature and give us a result that is highly correlated with the individual’s body temperature.

To do this right requires dedication, focus, and a multi-disciplinarian team that not only understands thermal radiometry but also experience with, very precise room temperature, humidity correlation to temperature radiation, basic object recognition, time of flight lasers, AI, ergonomics, workflow, design and software development and a passion for the solution. This is what Kentix has been doing and why we want to help make their products availabel for those that want to have a pre-screening solution.

We are convinced that together you as a technology integrator and we as IP technology specialty distributors we can make a difference. 



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