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  • IT Sizzled at the Texas Stadium

    By all reports our IP Sizzles Tuesday night off-site dinner and festivities was a grand success. From the Texas Stadium entrance statue of Coach Tom Landry, to the Stadium Club view, through the lo...
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  • IP PBX with Local Survivability

    Why do we need this application? This sceanrio applies to companies hosting the IP PBX in the main office and branch offices running Ip phones off the remote IP PBX. The IP PBX is the main system ...
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  • Enabling a PBX for Skype calls

    Why do we need a PBX Enabled for SKYPE CALLS? Nobody can deny the popularity that Skype has gained in the last years. It has become the largest VoIP network in the world with more than 230 million ...
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  • Enabling legacy PBX for SIP Trunks

    Why do we need SIP Trunk on a PBX? VoIP is more efficient in providing the required number of channel than traditional POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) and PRI (Primary Rate Interface). Wheneve...
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  • Tips on Making Profits Selling VoIP Solutions

    6½ Mistakes to Avoid When Selling VoIP Read more about Tips on Making Profits Selling VoIP Solutions
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  • IP PBX with legacy PSTN lines

    Why do we need IP PBX with Analog PSTN line? In old times, the PBX was heavy, large and very expensive. It required a lot of hardware to perform the switching by closing copper circuits to connec...
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  • Reliable Faxing when using a SIP Trunk Provider

    Why do we need this application? Companies recognize the intrinsic benefits of using VoIP, many of them are already using it or considering migrating to it shortly. Most new PBX today are VoIP en...
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  • Enabling Remote Extensions on Legacy PBX

    Why do we need Remote Extensions on a PBX? Remote Extension on a PBX enables employees working from home or from a branch office to have an extension of main companies' PBX. The remote employee i...
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  • IP Sizzles: Why Do We Do It?

    IP Sizzles: Why do we do it? Even though it takes a lot of energy and expense, we do Sizzles because our Attendees and vendor partners know it is worth it.Technology and Business cycles are moving ...
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  • The DECT versus WLAN (WiFi) debate

    Along with workplaces such as factories, warehouses, schools and hospitals, there are a growing number of traditionally office-based working environments that require flexible, mobile IT and teleco...
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