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Kentix Access Control = Less Expensive. Less Equipment. Less Installation Time.

Manage Hundreds of Doors With No Software Fees & No Servers



Growing security concerns, technological advances and wireless innovations are among the contributing factors to the explosive growth in the access control market. Kentix – the developer behind the end-to-end environmental monitoring threat detection MultiSensor – has developed an access control solution that is less expensive than competing systems, requires less equipment and takes less installation time.


Impressive Control.

The Kentix Access Control solution - which includes the Kentix DoorLock® - is a robust, blended system of a PoE Door Controller with card reader and keypad running on an embedded, license-free, zero-cost software solution with Active Directory that can scale up to hundreds of doors.  




Anyone familiar with access control knows that expensive software licensing fees can make a system out of reach financially for any-sized business. Embedded services are becoming more popular and common through the security industry and for very good reason. Not having to place a computer or server on a project saves cost and decreases an opportunity for failure points. All Kentix components are a network device with a simple and logical web interface meaning no software has to be installed to interact with the system.


Because Kentix Access Control does not require software fees, it literally opens doors to smart, electronic access control for businesses that previously might not have been able to afford it. For those end users interested in the capability of off-site communication and connection, Kentix offers Kentix360 Cloud service for a very reasonable annual cost (around $100). No features are hidden behind a paywall and there is no obligation to enroll in the Kentix Cloud service, but it does provide benefits that more than compensate for the low annual fee.


Smart Architecture. Minimalistic Design.

Kentix’s impressive  Access Control option allows for wiring of high usage doors by installing an IP edge device near the door. Kentix calls this the Network Relay Module (NRM) which is powered by PoE and provides power to two door locks and inputs for the door hardware. The NRM can be installed in a cut out above the door or anywhere nearby and only needs a small 2” x 3” space. NRMs also can be installed in the area where old access control units were located and use old wiring for the readers and strikes making it easy to for system change-outs for a takeover from a bulky conventional access system.


The minimalistic design of Kentix’s Access Control solution serves an aesthetic purpose; it’s a slick, small cube that is made to operate efficiently. It’s also designed to secure the network since the POE connection stay inside and does not go to the door reader. This eliminate the threat of vandals or attempts to infiltrate a network via tapping into an RJ45. With Kentix only one RJ45 is needed for two doors and the elegant and backlit readers are connected via a secure proprietary encrypted 4 wire connection.


The Comprehensive Kentix Solution: Environmental Monitoring, Video Integration.

The Kentix Access Control system interfaces directly into the Kentix MultiSensor environmental monitoring system with intrusion detection, or it can be used as a stand-alone access control solution. All doors controlled by Kentix can also be linked to nearby Mobotix IP video surveillance cameras and programmed to record video of all access control events for easy auditing and referencing.


For end users wanting a quality and reliable access control solution without expensive software licensing fees, Kentix offers a unique, minimalistic – yet powerful – opportunity to enter the smart lock market.

Kentix is German made, built with high-quality electrical components that are very well engineered and designed with the lifespan of a high-quality commercial product. ABP Tech is a Kentix Master distributor for the Americas. Headquartered in Dallas, ABP Tech stocks Kentix products, provides local support for the Americas and offers regular training classes along with online certifications.


Request a Kentix starter kit or read more at  www.abptech.com/kentix



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