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All-in-One monitoring solution that protects against over 35 Physical threats. Ensure your ISO 27001 compliance end to end.

Kentix is a manufacturer of professional monitoring solutions for the security of IT rooms, data centers and mission critical infrastructure. Kentix develops and manufactures its products exclusively in Germany with the highest quality standards. Authorities and enterprises from all sectors of the economy secure their IT systems against all major physical threats with the Kentix MultiSensor Technology. The Kentix MultiSensor merges many different sensors in one functional unit and makes it very efficient compared to the market. Kentix offers a robust and fastrack solution to bring ISO 27001 compliance to all your IT infrastructure, from the Data Center to every critical closet and network juntion you need to protect.

ABP offers Kentix as the ideal solution for the physical security of IT & Critical infrastructure. The advantage lies in Kentix MultiSensor® technology, an all-in-one solution that detects all major threats with only one sensor unit and sends out alerts instantly in many cases preventing expensive outages. Kentix products are completely IP based and are easily integrated even in distributed IT infrastructure.

Unlike outages that are caused by software errors, the downtime with physical defects is usually longer and more expensive. Common threats are:

  • Over temperature
  • Power outage or UPS errors
  • Fire or smoldering fire
  • Water leakage
  • Burglary and theft
  • Human errors 

Kentix monitoring solutions offer 360° environmental monitoring.

  • Climate monitoring
  • Intrustion detection system
  • Early fire detection
  • Power monitoring
  • Access system
  • Server live check

All-in-One: Detects over 35 Threats

Kentix monitoring systems detect over 35 physical threats in your IT infrastructure with only few components. With our all-in-one solution you can easily replace several individual solutions such as temperature sensors, intrusion detection, early fire warning,leak detector and much more all in one system with the coresponding simplification, higher reliability and at a lower cost. 

Instant alerts – Even Without Power or When Network Fails

Ideally, threats are detected right away so that they don’t lead to expensive failures in your systems. Real-time information and redundant messaging such as text messages or PUSH messages are an essential element of the Kentix AlarmManagers. Kentix will send alarms even when the in-house network is down.

Call ABP Technology to learn more about how this innovative solution can help you take protecting your customers critical infrastructure assets to the next level and provide your customers un rivaled Environmental Security.


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