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Half of All IT Outages Have a Physical Cause Like Fire or Water Damage – Protect Your IT Network Infrastructure With The Kentix MultiSensor®

The all-in-one Kentix MultiSensor® detects 37 physical threats that can lead to expensive blackouts and downtime


As an integrator it’s essential for you to protect an end user’s IT network from cyber threats and software failures. But that’s just the half of it – literally! Fifty percent of all IT outages are due to a physical cause. And when a network’s infrastructure is hit with an event like a fire, water damage, burglary or power outage, it’s devastating: the downtime is longer and more expensive to remedy.


The Kentix MultiSensor® is a reliable end-to-end environmental monitoring solution that protects data centers, server rooms and similar IT housing areas by detecting 37 types of physical threats that can lead to catastrophic events. Just like a firewall protects data, the Kentix MultiSensor protects a network’s infrastructure. It’s a compact – yet powerful – device. A single Kentix MultiSensor replaces multiple individual solutions - like temperature and humidity control, alarm, intrusion or presence detection, smoke and/or early fire detection - and channels these alarms in a more targeted way, saving about two-thirds of the typical cost.


Modeled after the end-to-end chain of control and testing that takes place to prevent catastrophes in industrial environments (like oil refineries), the Kentix MultiSensor continuously monitors the space where critical components of an IT network’s infrastructure resides – from servers and switches all the way down to fiber-optic cabinets. Upon threat detection to any of these components, the Kentix MultiSensor sends a notification to multiple recipients via SMS, email or SNMP.


Today, most companies have put their core IT into world-class data centers yet somehow the importance of the end to end in environmental and physical security of the complete data and communications equipment chain has been ignored, thinking that the core was safe. The reality is that problems with communications network equipment can be devastating and cost a company not only millions, but also jeopardize its reputation which is priceless and extremely difficult to regain once lost.


Kentix MultiSensors are completely IP-based and are easily integrated with other systems like alarm, access control and IP video surveillance – even in a distributed IT infrastructure. The product line is ideal for all classes of critical assets or technology deployments like IT projects that are distributed in multiple IT rooms, closets and cabinets. The solution is scalable up to 500 MultiSensors. The Kentix MultiSensor can operate over Ethernet or, optionally will support a 3G/4G/LTE wireless carrier to send notifications by simply adding a SIM card. Using a wireless carrier and SIM card means system health monitoring can be run on a completely separate network from the monitored system. This creates a redundant alert system in case of any network or Internet outage and also provides data network separation which can be a critical requirement in certain high security environments.


Underlining our prior statement that Kentix is truly a IP Device the Kentix AlarmManager also support up to 50 local SNMP Traps that can be added as individual channel with thresholds for alerts and warnings and will use the private separate back-channel the Kentix system provides to securely and privately transmit system health parameters. This will provides the ability to get immediate alert for anything from power outages to the router or network being  down without needing direct network connectivity that could constitute a potential data security threat.

The Kentix MultiSensor falls into the category of Professional IoT equipment that is designed to protect assets and equipment in the commercial space. It is built ruggedized and is designed to last for many years, if not decades. The Kentix MultiSensor has undergone rigorous testing, meets BSI safety requirements and has achieved renowned ISO 27001 certification. ISO27001 is the European gold standard in protection requirements for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) and is rapidly becoming a worldwide regulatory requirement for protecting all critical data equipment.


The Kentix MultiSensor and its ability to reliably detect all major threats in a server room with just one device is truly a technological innovation. Protect your customers’ investment in their IT infrastructure by offering the comprehensive protection of an all-in-one device that can prevent a catastrophic failure from happening and give your clients peace of mind.


Kentix is available from ABP Technology - a Specialty Distributor selling only leading IP Technology solutions to data and networking resellers, security Integrators and MSPs (Managed Services Partners).



The Kentix MultiSensor Can Detect 37 Major Threats, Including


























  • Server rooms, data centers and IT cabinets
  • Offices and administrative rooms
  • Industry, production sites and storage areas
  • Container sites and distributed IT infrastructure
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