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Get new benefits when you upgrade your Digium D80 touchscreen phone to firmware 1.4.2

Bluetooth® Headsets

You’ll find a new Bluetooth Setting menu item in the Navigation drawer. Turn it on, search, pair, connect and feel free to move around.

Localization Improvements

If your first language isn’t English, that’s okay because the phones speak to you in a language you can understand. The server-supplied locale, configured for German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, or Russian will control the language of the labels in the phone’s user interface. Also, the Localization Settings menu, now present in the Advanced menu in the Nav drawer, offers a setting to turn on the 24-hour clock.

Administrative Improvements

The D80 provides consistency with other Digium phone models by providing password-protected utilities for taking screenshots and for rebooting the phone. Not only that, but if you have needed to perform a firmware update and didn’t have access to DPMA or Switchvox or a Linux device to create a multicast firmware server, you can now access a dedicated firmware update page from within the D80 itself. If you’re a fan of LLDP-MED, you’ll be happy to see the D80 advertising its power requirements, as well as better data in the host and system names (reporting tools).

Usability Improvements

The keypad memory buffer behavior was improved. Before, digits entered into the keypad buffer would remain. Thus, you could call forth the keypad, punch in part of a number, go have a look at anything else, and then later go back to the keypad and finish dialing the number from where you left off. That’s perfect, until you get an incoming call halfway through, and you need to transfer the caller to a dialed extension. Now, if you’ve entered digits into the keypad buffer, and you get a call, any digits in the keypad buffer will be cleared, so, you won’t have to clear anything before starting your dial. Additionally, when calls from unknown Caller Names are received – you’ll see “Unknown,” rather than a large blank spot, and on Missed Call Activity Cards for non-Contact calls, you’ll now see the Caller Name in lieu of the Caller Number, if available. There were also a tweak in the button styles, and menus, to provide a cleaner UI experience. In particular, the new toggle buttons in many of the settings menus.

Provisioning Improvements

If you have ever experienced some frustration with devices that fail after initial provisioning, Digium understands. With the D80 siting behind an ALG or a NAT router, you should no longer have such problems. This was due to one of the packets involved in the provisioning process being larger than the MTU size limit for UDP packets and now; with the new fix, that limit is no longer broached.

These are just a few of the most notable upgrades, some minor bugs were fixed as well.

How you get firmware 1.4.2? If you’re using Asterisk and DPMA, you can download it today. If you’re using Switchvox, you’ll need to upgrade to version And as always, feel free to call us if you have any issues or questions @ 972.831.1600. 

The ABP Team

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