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JUST ANNOUNCED- snom IP Phones are now Microsoft Lync Certified Devices!

We all knew this would come sooner or later. Due to the popularity and demand for further OCS support on snom phones Microsoft has officially certified snom products to tie along with the increasingly popular Microsoft Communications Platform. Snom VoIP phones will now enter in the OCS/Lync game which we all know was severely limited in options until now. There will no longer be a need to spend several hundred dollars on a specific phone simply because it was the only certified choice.

Snom products will prove to be an optimal choice for a low-cost enterprise solution to suit the needs of a variety of customers. If there’s a location where a $500+ competitor phone or laptop with USB device is not desired or necessary (lets say warehouses, waiting rooms, cafeteria or break rooms) you can still provide a supported low cost endpoint (snom 300) since OCS is the backbone to the company’s communication. Combine this with executive level snom 8XX series phones, the snom MeetingPoint speakerphone, and the M9 DECT phones for a mobility option and you have a very powerful and attractive offering. All snom phones have been tested with OCS now and the snom 300 phone is the certified device with more to come in the future. The interop testing has been going back and forth with Microsoft since 2006 but the time has finally come. The days of overpriced phones and having no options are over. Now more than ever all resellers need to keep their eyes and ears open for any OCS/Lync customers or deals because you will be able to be competitive now that your prospect has choices. ABP will be the place to turn to because we can and will provide you with a variety of compatible endpoints and no other distributor can say that. Don’t limit yourself and run the risk of losing out on these high dollar sales in your area. If you hear the words OCS or Lync you should see dollar signs and be aggressive in getting in touch with ABP because if you’re not proposing them a solution soon, someone else definitely is.

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