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Create a custom skin for your snom IP phone

create your individual snom phone design


The new trend in Europe is for Desktop IP Phones to set an accent for with creative customs skins.

snom IP phones have an HD quality sound system and speakers and by most specialist in the field boast the best SIP software and they can be customized to look just like you want them!

snom customers have been asking for a custom design to the wide range of  business IP phones. Some of the various requests and suggestions to snom included  different colours, a more modern design or just labelling  the buttons in their native language .

The requests were so diverse and quantities never justified them until snom found the solution in the custom snom skin. Now you can have snom in  black in a white  (with the snom snow edition) or if you like a more colorful eye catching design withe colaboration of snom partners a custom skin. With the help of our cooperation partner “mein design” in Bad Kreuznach you can change that very quickly.

This is how it works:

Visit the website http://www.designskins.de go to the menu list and press the button “custom design”.

Under the category „select device“ you will find the category "Specials" with the sub category “snom.

Our snom 820 and the snom 3xx series are available as options.

Either upload your own image or select images/shapes from gallery or just change the design skin color and/or edit individual text.

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