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Fanvil "X" Series: Simply All That's Needed in an IP Phone

The new color “X” series is Fanvil's fourth generation of IP phones. Backed by Fanvil's 10+ years of experience in VoIP development, the “X” series feature color displays while keeping the side DSS key screen for paperless labeling and easy access. The “X” series offers superior user-experience and will ease the deployment of IP phones for your customers with new product concepts and target strategies.








Fanvil has upgraded its X3 and X5 to the new X3S and X5S -- both now carry new color screens, while maintaining the price points of their predecessors. In addition, Fanvil has added new phone models – X4S and X6S and are also color display units. The X4S is in stock and ready for purchase and the X6S is coming very soon. With Fanvil’s new generation of IP phones, users could experience additional extraordinary features:

  1. 1: Colorful UI Display, paperless DSS/BLF keys with LED status indicator.
  2. 2: Wireless EHS support.
  3. 3: Bluetooth via USB dongle for X5S and X6S.
  4. 4: OPUS codec supported in X5S and X6S models. 
  5. 5: More applications added (uaCSTA/RTCP-XR/SIP hotspot, etc.) to enrich the new phone’s performance and user experience.
  6. 6: Easy and Effortless mass deployment and provisioning with Fanvil’s configuration
  7. 7: HD Voice, outstanding audio quality for both handset and headset mode.
  8. 8: Broad interoperability with IP PBX platforms.

Fanvil’s smaller lineup of phones provides you with savings over other vendors with larger lines in that you need less technical resources for support, installation and configurations, and less time to train the end users. The line still maintains a model for each set of user requirements and/or installation application.

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