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Fanvil IP Door Stations and SIP Intercoms

Fanvil is set to become a leading manufacturer of IP voice and video terminals by providing the market with cost-efficient and innovative products. Fanvil VoIP devices always exhibit clear HD sound, excellent build quality, efficient & responsive service, competitive pricing, and rich features and function. This is all true in the Fanvil SIP Intercom and IP Door Station units they develop as well. Below you will find 


The design of the Fanvil SIP Door Phones are based on the experience and knowledge of Fanvil IP phone development. The SIP Intercoms and IP Door Stations use standard IP/RTP/RTSP protocol for voice transmission, have a variety of enterprise-level features and are compatible with many of the major platforms, such as Asterisk, Broadsoft, Elastix, 3CX, etc.










High-Quality Audio Communication

Sometimes, the device location can have a noisy environment (streets, crowds, factories, etc.). Having a two-way conversation in such situation becomes very difficult. To solve this problem, Fanvil adopted the advanced DSP noise reduction algorithms and techniques of omnidirectional sound pickup. During calls, these units can effectively cancel or reduce the background noise. At the same time, it also can optimize the distance of pickups, which guarantees the high voice quality in any case and provides good experience for users.

Multi-Function Integration

The Intercoms and Door stations are economical devices with triple function capability. They can provide two-way communication, access control functionality, and voice broadcasting. Customers or Employees can not only open the door by entering a password / pin code on the keypad, utilize RFID cards or fobs on units with embedded RFID readers, but can also press the call button and have the answering party use remote DTMF to control the electric door lock. The users can also communicate with each others in hands-free way and use the 2w/8Ω speakers to realize remote notification broadcasting. In addition, Fanvil also provides the remote control API port. Customers can easily put the appropriate management functionality into their own platform for online control.










Vandal-Proof Designs

Outdoor units must be able to withstand water / moisture, temperature changes and extremes, not to mention damage from intentional vandalism or other impact related hazards. In order to protect the door phones from damage, Fanvil selects stainless steel or other hardened materials for the outer construction. This structure can effectively prevent the damages resulting from rain, water spraying, wind,dust and reduce impact damages. In fact the impact resistant level on most units is up to Ik10 standard with weather and environmental proofing levels up to IP65.

The main difference in a SIP Intercom vs. an IP Door Station is the internal relays present in the units. Intercoms do have contact relays that do not pass voltage and are used for indicator lights, switches and the like. The IP Door stations have relays that do provide power pass through and can actuate door lock mechanisms with the application of power. Call APB to discuss your needs and we can assist in the best product selection for you application. These Fanvil units are perfect for a myriad of different applications from residential, commercial buildings, multi-family units, banks, manufacturing, factories, schools, prisons, mines, supermarkets, railway stations and logistics centers to mention a few. Anywhere customers need high-quality, robust, and efficient door communication systems, Fanvil has a line up with a very good choices.

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