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Who Would Have Thunk? DECT as an Option

The New Work-From-Home Revolution


Roam the great frontier….Everything completely changed for a lot of us in these past few months in ways we previously thought was not possible. Now more than ever we have an extreme amount of flexibility and freedom that only certain employees within the workforce for the most part were previously able to take advantage of.  Typically, you would wake up in the morning, fight with traffic, and commute into the office. You’d knock out all of your tasks (or at least try to) and then head home and fight traffic once again to arrive at home for dinner.  However, now as a result of the pandemic and stay at home instructions, we thought of relevant services and items that would be both beneficial to you and the customer that could be propelled into the next revolution for work. 


Collaboration and Staying Productive While Remote


One of the most important things at this time is the ability to react quickly wherever we are working from and having the ability to collaborate in the same effective way we once did when we were in the office. However, many times it’s a lot easier said than done. 


Because ABP is a technology-focused speciality distributor, we’ve got a lot more than just boxes to offer. As planners, we’re ahead of the curve and we have put some serious effort into making sure the process is and remains easy for your customers to work remotely –– regardless of where they are located. 


DECT Phones: A Great Option for Work-From-Home Employees


Among our items that can help the Work From Home crowd achieve better productivity are powerful cordless phones that use DECT technology to deliver a good usage range and great battery life. It’s a great option to provide WFH employees because it keeps them from using a personal cell phone to conduct business and it gives options for employers to track usage and productivity. In case you missed it a couple of weeks ago, we made a cut-sheet for DECT that you can customize for your customers. Click here.


Contact our ABP Sales Team for getting DECT added on to your order! 


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