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Time for Training: MxMSP & MxLINQ In-Person MxIgnite Sessions Offer Certification and Bigger Discounts

Congratulations! Thank you for choosing MxMSP and MxLINQ, our MOBOTIX Cloud platform solutions. We know MxMSP and MxLINQ will help you deliver better service to your MOBOTIX customers and will provide your end users with the absolute latest in video surveillance technology and management.

We offer a couple of training options for those new to MxMSP and MxLINQ. You can attend a two-day training session in person (offered at a variety of geographical locations) or you can take part in a 90-minute online onboarding session.


We highly encourage partners to participate in an in-person, two-day training session which we call MxIGNITE. These two-day events offer more in-depth information about MxMSP and MxLINQ, its unique differentiators, and advice on how to sell the product including for special situations like multi-site projects. In addition to the opportunity to meet new colleagues, MxIGNITE provides Certification and MxMSP and MxLINQ discounts of 30% off of MSRP.

If you cannot attend an in-person training, we also offer 90-minute online onboarding sessions that provide Registered/Authorized status and a 25% discount off of MSRP.

Refer to the graphic for more details on training options and discounts.


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