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"Think Bigger” with Integrated Video and Access Control

ISONAS Pure IP Access Control: “Think Bigger” with Integrated Video and Access Control

IP Surveillance and Pure IP Access Control are making waves in the market!

Thousands of customers worldwide have installed IP video surveillance systems with robust VMS front ends such as Video Insight and Milestone. Those customers now want to add access control and they want to avoid re-training their employees on new software. They also want simple, panel free installation that matches the simplicity of their IP cameras. VMS companies are now providing solutions to this challenge using ISONAS. Video Insight has had significant recent success and now Milestone will also have the ability to act as the “front-end” user interface for both video and access control.

App-Techs’ MXPBridge® Integrates Milestone with ISONAS Security Systems
Thanks to everyone that had a chance to make it to the App-Techs/ISONAS Booth at the MIPS show in February. It was great to catch up with everyone. If you didn’t get a chance to see the latest integration with Milestone and ISONAS Security Systems, here is some more information.

As many of you know, customers are looking for an elegant and affordable integrated security solution. Until recently, the access control system(ACS) was primarily viewed as the command and control for an integrated VMS/ACS. That is old school thinking! With the MXPBridge® to ISONAS solution, the Milestone XProtect® Smart Client can now become the front-end command and control of a comprehensive security system.

With Milestone as the front-end, the solution provides users with a single, powerful interface for controlling doors and managing ACS/ VMS alarms and events. When alarms occur, video will quickly alert the staff of the situation. If further investigation is required, Milestone’s powerful alarm management features will allow users to search for ACS alarms, push ACS alarms, update the status of the ACS alarms and bookmark these events for a comprehensive security management solution. The installation of ISONAS PowerNet reader-controllers eliminates all control panels and costly wiring resulting in faster install, increased flexibility, and lower cost. ISONAS is a proven solution in thousands of installs worldwide and now offers even more value when paired with Milestone.

App-Techs’ MXPBridge® – Milestone XProtect Bridge Plug in Software
App-Tech’s MXPBridge® XProtect Plug-in Plug facilitiates data transactions between ISONAS Security Systems and all Milestone XProtect Products. This integrated solution is easy to install and allows the Milestone Smart Client to become the front-end of a unified Video Surveillance and Access Control Solution.

To learn more about this integration contact us:

ABP Tech / 972-831-1600

About App Techs:
App-Techs was established in Lancaster, PA in 2003 as a computer networking company. They have grown to become a trusted manufacturer, distributor, and full turn key system integrator for Vidoe Surveillance, Card Access and Industrial Wireless Network Solutions.

ISONAS Security Systems, designs, builds and distributes the first panel-free, network based Access Control System in the industry. We’ve installed readers for organizations worldwide – from education and healthcare institutions to state and local governments, to Fortune 500 companies.

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