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snom Update Q1

What's new at snom? 

As one of our long-time snom customers we wanted to give you a brief update on what's new at snom.

You may have heard snom Germany has recently partnered with Heidelberger Capital, a large German Private Equity group, that is going to take snom to the next level. snom is Europe's largest IP phone manufacturer and has plans to grow the product line and to keep expanding its customer base in both the VAR and Service Provider space in the medium to high segment where there is more focus on user-friendly, intuitive interface, design, material quality and innovation.

First and foremost, snom will continue to aggressively update and fine tune its product line. In synthesis, snom offers the snom 3XX and 7XX series phones as well as some specialty phones and peripherals.

snom 3XX This line is still one of the most popular phones for snom worldwide and will continue for the foreseeable future. The snom 375 with a color display is planned for summer time.

snom 7XX This series is introducing the new snomD715. It will replace the 710 and 715 and D725 will replace the 720. The popular 760 is scheduled to be updated to a D765 that may include some new additional features by the end of the year:

  • 18 multi-color function keys (D725)
  • Wide-band audio
  • USB port
  • Gigabit switch
  • 12 SIP identities (D725), 4 SIP identities (D715)
  • VLAN support (D725)

These models are priced to make you highly competitive for projects that require low cost AND high-quality.






snom Special Peripherals have always excelled by their unique feature set:

snom PA1:  snom's Public Addressing unit is a cost effective, POE fed amplifier that can drive existing public addressing systems over a SIP ID. Most interesting feature is also the fact that the unit become a 4 line Multi Cast controler translating 4 SIP calls into 4 separate multi cast streams.

snom Meeting Point: After Polycom IP5000/6000 series is still the most popular and best sounding conference phone and will continue as is.

snom DECT Phones: snom has three phones and is somewhat of a leader in that space since DECT is already popular in Europe and snom now has 7+ years of experience in that field.

snom M9: single station DECT that can support one repeater. (Solid and low price)

snom M700 - NEW Innovative Multi Base Station DECT Phone snom

M325 - NEW Single Location/Single Base Station but with Multi Repeater (TBR in Summer). It will eventually replace snom M9.

SPECIAL PROMO: Buy 10+ snom D715 or D725 or any M700 (NFR promo - one unit per VAR) and receive 10% off your normal purchase price starting today until March 31, 2015 or while supplies last.

Call us at 972-831-1600, option 3 or email sales@abptech.com to discuss your projects and lock in special pricing.

If you haven't heard much about us...
ABP brought snom to the US in 2001 and has been snom's longest distributor in the Americas. ABP is a value-added distributor in the IP Technology space focusing on telephony, surveillance and infrastructure solutions. Our product managers and regional account managers will assist you with pre-sales support or planning and help you create complete and innovative yet tested solutions for your customer.

ABP also has a specialized team of highly trained technical support experts who can assist with any questions during and after the install.

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