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Safely and Easily Manage and Redirect Phones With Safe&Easy ZTP

This is an update on how we made Safe&Easy ZTP™ FREE and more convenient than ever. Today's phone systems have more remote users than ever. Although there are still many appliance-type PBXs where phones are detected and self-configure when connecting them locally, things are changing.


Phone systems are shifting from being the typical PBX appliance, hanging on the wall in the utility room, to being virtualized to software running in the company's server or run as a cloud application managed by the Technology Partner.


The good news is that you, the Technology Partner, can make money managing all of them and ABP can help you make it easier. Use ABP's FREE Safe&Easy ZTP™ to redirect all your phones sold to your PBXs. 


You can now use ABP’s Safe&Easy ZTP™ system to manage phones and repoint them in case there are any future PBX changes. This puts you in control! ABP's platform even works if customers do a factory reset. Your dashboard is in the ABP Partner Portal. Now you can also add new features like ABP's IPTechView™ QoS monitoring to ensure your phone solutions are working well or reboot phones remotely without having to visit the customer site via ABP’s IPTechView’s Cloud-based PowerManager for POE Switches.


The best part is we made ABP’s Safe&Easy ZTP™ a FREE SERVICE for our partners. For everyone‘s convenience we made the workflow as simple as possible and offer the MAC addresses and the Button to ZTP on every phone order you make with ABP.


We wanted this to be fast and simple and did not want to add a billing upfront when buying phones and have to decide if you need ZTP on all phones, nor did we want to add cumbersome billing on the back end so we decided to make it a free service to our customers.


Enjoy and keep your suggestions coming, on how we can make your life as resellers easier!

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